Question and opinions needed!

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Question and opinions needed! Empty Question and opinions needed!

Post by Stephaani on Sat Mar 26, 2016 9:50 pm

So as some of you may know myself and my boyfriend are working on a alpacasso directory, as one already exists on here aswell as tumblr it'll be easier to borrow the information provided on each of them to combine them all together on a hopefully easy to search function on the website.
My question is about the credit, obviously other people have provided the majority of the information and pictures and we will of course credit these people but where abouts would you like this to be seen?

An about page where more information can be detailed and even linked to your tumblrs if you choose.

On every individual picture on the site
(This will increase the work load quite abit)

Or the footer which would be shown on every page.  (Could also have this and the about page)

Everyone let me know please! Your opinions are important ^_^

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